Health and wellness is trending today more than ever. There is now a shift in the way people view massage. Those who receive treatments occasionally, are now incorporating it as an essential and regular part of their health care routine.


     When we say injury prevention, we’re referring to two things - physical injury and emotional/psychological strain or stress. 


     Physical injury is so common in the workplace because most employees are assigned to complete a task which require repetitive movement or repetitive posture (eg. desk posture - hunched back, forward head and repetitive typing). The physical stress placed on your body from these daily activities can lead to muscle strain (tendonitis), postural imbalance, inflammation, numbness or tingling (ie. sciatica) to name a few. Soreness, aches and pains is our body’s way of telling us that its under some form of stress and left untreated, can eventually lead to chronic pain. 


     Psychological stress on the other hand can indirectly affect our physical body through its physiological functions. The symptoms are easier to ignore but can have the same detrimental effects. This is because recovery from physical injury actually relies on the body’s ability to have all systems function in harmony. Stress and emotional strain can disrupt the brains capability of controlling these functions.


     We can teach you simple strategies to manage stress and prevent injuries through stretches, strengthening, and altering movements or positions that are damaging for your body!

injury prevention