A massage is a fantastic way to say “thank you” to your employees. On a superficial level, we know it just feels good when someone recognizes your efforts but there are various scientific studies on how it truly affects the psyche and the overall work environment. 


       Gratitude is consistently associated with happiness. It allows us to be conscious of the goodness that is present in our lives. Like a domino effect, these emotions cultivate other positive experiences. A person that feels thankful will naturally engage in positive behaviours. For example, complimenting other people, being more patient, or lending a hand.


       Various research journals have proven that appreciation and gratitude has a huge impact on overall wellness. The part of the brain that is heavily affected by these emotions is called the hypothalamus. It is responsible for important bodily functions such as sleeping, appetite and releasing (one of many) hormones called dopamine known as a “feel-good hormone.” The hypothalamus plays an important role in regulating the body’s systems which is why there is such a strong correlation with gratitude and wellness. Just like training your muscles during exercise, you can learn by habit, to create neurological pathways to stimulate this part of your brain.  


       The emotions that are immediately felt and the associated physiological changes, are both beneficial on a personal level and on a social scale. Simply put, an office full of positivity strengthens the network of employee relationships, creating distinct company culture and overall engages a rich working environment. 

employee appreciation