Increasing productivity in the workplace is one of the key reasons why executives are looking to invest more into their company’s health and wellness strategies. How exactly does massage increase productivity?


     First of all, offering massage therapy services at the office instantly motivates employees to come to work. Even a 15 minute treatment, aimed towards a specific complaint can help alleviate common ailments such as headaches and migraines - a leading cause of absenteeism.


     Evidence based research suggests that workplace strain can be detrimental to employee performance and can hinder job satisfaction and goal setting. EEG scans taken after a 15 minute massage revealed an increase in alertness and a decrease in frontal lobe activity, indicating a positive result since the frontal lobe is associated to negative mood and depression. Massage therapy has the power to provide immediate physiological effects.


     A more generalized idea is that massage can promote blood circulation, allowing cellular waste to exit, and oxygen rich blood to enter. Optimum oxygen levels in a well nourished body will give you more energy and enhance brain function. 


     The bottom line is that when your employees are not distracted by pain and discomfort, you can expect an increase in work performance and a decrease in sick days!

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